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How to lose a guy in one day? Meet his daddy
  • 44:28

It was a pleasant first meeting for Lulu Love: her boyfriend’s father was just delightful. After a pleasant little conversation with tea in tow, the young couple decides to head straight to the bedroom. On the pretense of fixing herself a glass of water, Lulu sneaks away to continue her heart-to-heart with the daddy. He was happy to see her and it was obvious from the way he looked at her – their attraction was mutual. Lust overtook them and the dad, as a very experienced lover, made the young girl quiver in anticipation right from the get-go. She took his cock in her mouth, that firmness felt overwhelming… After they finished, the boyfriend enters the room: Lulu and daddy legitimately forgot that he even existed. The guy was livid, he screamed in his father’s face and Lulu just blushed in shame…

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