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A virtual boyfriend or his dad’s real cock?

Today was a big day, their anniversary, but it looked like her boyfriend completely forgot about it. He was so obsessed with his VR headset that it looked like he has totally lost all his interest in Annie. She was feeling very bad about it, tears were almost rolling down her cheeks and the bitter taste of sadness was stuck with her. Her boyfriend’s dad was sitting close to her and noticed that she didn’t feel all right. He asked her to come closer and tried to comfort her by talking to her and stroking her hair. His hand was slowly going down her ass and she didn't feel bad about it. He was so experienced and nice, it felt like he totally knew what she needed at that moment. At some point she got a bit confused… But her sadness, suddenly transformed into passion and she couldn’t resist the temptation any longer. Her boyfriend was somewhere in the virtual world, while his dad was fucking his girlfriend right underneath his nose.

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