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Surprise your girlfriend and she will fuck with your dad

Ria was woken up by her boyfriend and his dad – it was her birthday, and they decided to surprise her by gifting her with a flower, a beautiful necklace, and a ring. She was ecstatic! Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and her boyfriend went to open the door. As soon as he was alone with the girl, the boyfriend’s dad started touching her gently but with confidence. A wave of desire took over her, so she opened her mouth and let the dad’s cock slide inside. She started slowly sucking in it. Soon, she realized that she loves it because girl felt how wet she was between her legs. Her nipples got hard, and she couldn’t wait for him to penetrate her. When it happened, she almost fainted from all the pleasure – she was in heaven. However, when the boyfriend came back and saw them naked and perspiring from all the passion, the girl fell from heaven straight to hell.

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